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A Tradition Since 1896!


In the early 1890s Mr. J. A. Beck made a thorough survey of all points on beautiful West Okoboji Lake in an attempt to find the ideal location for a summer hotel. He found a parcel of land along the eastern shore of the lake that was swept by prevailing southerly winds on a hot summer day. The wind, by blowing across the largest portion of the glacial waters of West Okoboji Lake, was transformed from a hot summer prairie blast into a cooling breeze.

The land that Mr. Beck selected had first been settled by Aaron Dixon in 1867. The property changed hands several times before Beck purchased the property in two separate purchases. Beck constructed a portion of the Inn Hotel in 1896. The hotel consisted of 24 rooms and was an instant success. Beck expanded the hotel more than three-fold the following season. An 1898 advertising brochure stated that "people familiar with the beautiful sand and pebble beach, and the facilities with bathing and the very choice surroundings, the way of shade and pretty lawn, will not need to be told that The Inn will afford an ideal place for rest and recreation. Rates for room and board will range between the moderate sums of $7 and $12 per week."

The hotel partially burned in 1934, but was quickly repaired and remained the Grand Hotel of Lake Okoboji and a destination point for those who wanted the best in our summer accommodations.

The Inn Hotel was razed in 1955 and was replaced by the New Inn Resort Complex. In 1999 The Inn At Okoboji was lovingly restored by David and Lisa Slattery of Omaha, NE. Mr. & Mrs. Slattery were the fourth generation of their families in the area and owned The Inn until 2011. Present owners and Great Lakes Management Group which manages the resort are steering The Inn towards continued growth and look forward to continuing the time-honored traditions and providing a resort and conference center to meet the needs of every guest. The Inn shares its new Mission Statement:


The Inn at Okoboji
 Traditions begin where memories are made.


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